Service of Process

Corporations c/o Secretary of State (Albany, NY)

Albany, New York

Section 304 of the Business Corporation Law(BCL) designates the Secretary of State as agent for all Domestic and all authorized Foreign corporations upon whom process against the corporation may be served.

Section 306 of the BCL for service upon Domestic corporations and authorized Foreign corporations.

Section 307 of the BCL for service upon unauthorized Foreign corporations.

Section 402(a)(7) has been amended to make the Secretary of State agent for certain Not-for-Profit corporations.

Motor vehicle accidents: pursuant to section 253/254 of the Motor Vehicle and Traffic Law, the Secretary of State is agent for process.

Important Notice:

The Secretary of State accepts service of process only in cases within the jurisdiction of a court of the State of New York.

New York State Agencies/Officials

Empire can also effect service upon the more than fifty State offices in Albany, New York. Listed below are some of the most common.

  • Department/Commissioner of¬†Education, Correctional Services, Social Services, Taxation and Finance, Health, Mental Health, Motor Vehicle, Law-Attorney General’s Office, Labor
  • Also – Superintendent of Insurance, Banking, N.Y.S. Dormitory Authority, N.Y.S. Police and many more . . .